Sunday, April 19, 2009

Furnace Maintenance

Furnaces can be fueled by many different things. Electric Furnaces are the cleanest but can be the most expensive to operate in some areas. These furnaces require very little maintenance other than changing the filter and occasionally replacing a burnt out heating element.

Forced air gas furnaces are quite efficient and are much more common than the oil furnace. The heat exchanger in these is quite difficult to inspect because it is encased inside the cabinet. If a hole develops in the heat exchanger, the entire unit should be replaced.
If there is an accumulation of rust flakes in the bottom of the unit you should have it checked out.

Maintenance of a Forced Gas Furnace is fairly easy, consisting of cleaning the combustion compartment and flue annually. Gas furnaces should be serviced by a qualified technician every two or three years. While oil burning ones should be serviced every year.

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  1. Basic furnace maintenance is simple and doesn't take much time. The main reason for HVAC equipment failure is lack of maintenance. Lack of maintenance will result in the system running inefficiently and all though it may continue to run, cost you more money as a result.

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